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  • Bevin Niemann

    Bevin Niemann

    Mentor for Spiritual Leaders → Join the Empowered Sensitive Leaders community at https://www.1millionempaths.com

  • Jim Young

    Jim Young

    Founder of Terraine, owner of Adesso database sync platform, apps for env/energy & other industries (EnviroChain, @BernieSez). Great wife, 4 kids, and a dog.

  • Paul Kim

    Paul Kim

    Senior Software Engineer, Tech Lead, Angular

  • Patrick Paul Garlinger

    Patrick Paul Garlinger

    Spiritual author, conscious channel, and psychic reader who interrogates conventional spiritual wisdom and illuminates our sacred connection to the divine.

  • Jupiter Grant

    Jupiter Grant

    Writer, Poet, Narrator, Freelancer. Living in UK & my own head. Send queries here: jupiterslair@gmail.com. Buy me a coffee here: https://ko-fi.com/jupitergrant

  • Y.M. Saegusa

    Y.M. Saegusa

    Advocate for regenerative agriculture and environmentally sustainable living. Future homestead owner. Editor of https://medium.com/satoyama

  • ScienceDuuude


    Husband, dad, scientist, loves to share sciency stuff and goofiness. Please follow me: https://twitter.com/DuuudeScience

  • Markham Heid

    Markham Heid

    I write about health, science, and psychology. My work has appeared in Time magazine, the New York Times, Vice, and elsewhere. I live in Germany.

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